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Cowboys Beat

Nov 20, 2020

Cowboys Beat with Ari Temkin and Patrick Conn

Episode 109: Are We Witnessing Cowboys History?

Guest: Pastor Carl Day

Ari Temkin(@arisports) and Patrick Conn (@patsportsguy) welcome special guest Pastor Carl Day, co-host of Cowboys Brawl Podcast and Pastor of Both Culture Changing Christians Worship Center campuses in Glen Ridge NJ & Philadelphia Pa and President/Founder of The outreach Non-Profit Organization Culture Changing Christians Inc Philadelphia, PA. Ari, Patrick, and Pastor Carl Day discuss the younger players on the Cowboys, the possibility of this Cowboys defense being the worst defense in franchise history, and how to get involved in some of the projects that Pastor Carl Day has going on in his community.


Who should start as quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys?


Will this Cowboys defense go down as the worst Cowboys Defense in franchise history?


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Pastor Carl Day


Out of all the young players on The Dallas Cowboys, who is Pastor Carl Day focusing in on and excited to play for the rest of the season, and who is he not looking forward to playing?


Is there any position that Pastor Carl Day would want to see a little more of the younger Dallas Cowboys defensively?


The Cowboys have let up 290 points this season, 294 away from the worst defense of all time. The worst defense in Cowboys history gave up 436 points, will the Cowboys break that record this year?


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What does Pastor Carl Day have going on and how can people get involved and help in some of his movements?


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