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Cowboys Beat

Mar 19, 2021

The NFL offseason is in full swing with NFL free agency underway and the draft just a month and change away. On this episode of Cowboys Beat Podcast presented by BetOnline.AG, Ari Temkin tries to not get frustrated about the way the Cowboys are handling free agency and why it appears as though the Cowboys haven't truly been introspective about their flaws. Ari is joined by Kyle Youmans from, and the "Talkin' Cowboys" and "The Draft Show" podcasts to discuss his thoughts on the Cowboys in the draft.

Cowboys Beat Podcast with Ari Temkin

Guest: Kyle Youmans 

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It isn't a good strategy to build your roster thru free agency nor is it a good strategy to sit back and do nothing during free agency.


The moves that the Cowboys have made so far.


Last year was not a coaching issue, it was a talent issue, watch film and improve.


Ari Temkin: "Last thing you want is the organization you root for to lie to itself."


How much has Kyle Youmans opinion on what the Cowboys should do with the 10th pick changed since "The Draft Show" started.


Slater or trade down?


Can the Cowboys improve the defense with the strategy they have always used during free agency?


Who are some guys deep in the draft, especially on the defensive side, that Kyle likes?

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