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Cowboys Beat

Oct 2, 2020

Cowboys Beat with Ari Temkin and Patrick Conn

Episode 102: Are the Cowboys Good?

Guest: Voch Lombardi

Twitter: @VochLombardi

Ari Temkin and Patrick Conn welcome special guest Voch Lombardi.

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The real problem with the Dallas Cowboys is that the fanbase is so big that real Dallas Cowboys fans only make up 30%, 70% are the fake fans who enjoy the experience.


The Dallas Cowboys do not throw to Byron Jones.


When you draft the offensive line properly, you do not have to continue drafting an offensive line. Connor Williams may be the weak link on the Dallas Cowboys offensive line, but look at the rest of the line, look who he is up against.


Rico Gathers was given every opportunity to prove himself and he did not take a single one of those opportunities. Rico is one of those guys that is the last to show up and the first to leave.


Ari Temkin: "You have to outdo Russell Wilson every time, and if not, you're bad."


This is not going to be a game in which the Dallas Cowboys offense is going to have put up thirty to forty points.


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