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Cowboys Beat

May 21, 2021

On this episode of the Cowboys Beat powered by BetOnline.AG Ari Temkin talks about the importance of OTA's and how they are a huge part in building a team, and the biggest question mark as the Cowboys head into the season. Ari then welcomes the voice of the Dallas Cowboys, Brad Sham. Brad gives his opinions on OTA's, the Cowboys draft picks this year, and the Cowboys defense.


Cowboys Beat Podcast with Ari Temkin

Guest: Brad Sham

Cowboys Beat is powered by BetOnline.AG

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Organized Team Events are important for the Team, and build a foundation for what is to come. It is too early to know what this team will look like based on pre, pre, pre season things.


The offensive line is the most important group, but they still have a big question mark.


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In his many years of covering the Cowboys, what has he taken away from offseason OTA's? Are they important?


Brad Sham's thoughts on the Cowboys draft picks this year.


Brad Sham: "I'm not optimistic at all until I see the defense better. I mean, right now all I know is what my eyes saw."


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