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Cowboys Beat

Aug 24, 2019

With rumors of a new Zeke deal looming in the shadows, we discuss the reasons why Zeke may get the money he's looking for. The question is, was Zeke right in his approach, or should he have taken the road less traveled? Jaylon seemed to take an approach that serves the team and makes it so that he's a Cowboy for his entire career. Who won?

2:40 - Zeke's Contract vs Todd Gurley's

6:47 - Runningback Shelf Life

9:50 - How many more Superbowls will Tom Brady see before he retires?

11:00 - is Jaylon setting the tone for building a Superbowl team with his contract?

16:21 - Roman Ad

18:00 - Antonio Brown is destroying his career

21:00 Manscaped Ad

22:00 Will other players take team friendly deals now that Jaylon has?