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Cowboys Beat

Jan 15, 2021

Cowboys Beat with Ari Temkin

Episode 116

On this episode of Cowboys beat, Ari Temkin (@arisports) talks about the Cowboys hiring of Dan Quinn and what it means for the team's defense, plus their strategy in the draft and Kellen Moore's flirtations with the Philadelphia Eagles. 


The Cowboy's have a new defensive coordinator and new defensive coaches, but that means nothing if the Cowboys don't have a plan to improve the offense this offseason.


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Draft talk. things that should be discussed when it comes to where the Cowboys should be going in the draft.


If Tyron Smith is cut from the Cowboys, that will open up 12 million dollars when it comes to the salary cap space.


If Jaylon Smith is removed from the Cowboys, which he most likely will be, that will open up 7.2 million in salary cap space.


Where should the Cowboys go at pick 10.


If the Cowboys do not see a defensive player that they really like at 10, trade down. A QB needy team will trade up.


The Eagles asked the Cowboys permission to hire Kellen Moore for their head coach position. Will Kellen Moore made a good head coach in the NFL at 32 years old?


The defense needs to be improved and not just thru the draft. The Cowboys need to go out and spend some money on free agents, but this all depends on getting a deal with Dak Prescott.


Cowboys free agent target: Justin Simmons of the Denver Broncos


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