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Cowboys Beat

Mar 12, 2021

On this episode of Cowboys Beat Podcast presented by BetOnline.AG, Ari explains the fallacy of the salary cap and how the Dak deal got even better. So, can Dak lead the Cowboys to a title? The jury is still out on Stephen Jones and that's a big indicator of whether or not he can. Ari also discusses the Dak deal, free agency and preparing for the NFL draft with former NFL GM and current ESPN NFL front office insider Mike Tannenbaum.

Cowboys Beat Podcast with Ari Temkin

Guest: Mike Tannenbaum

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The salary cap is a fallacy, and people are upset about the Dak deal.


The Dak deal is a 4 year deal on paper, with 2 voidable years 5 and 6. Ari explains.


You cannot put up the numbers that Dak does, and Dak does things off the field that matter a lot.


Can the Cowboys win a Super Bowl with Dak? Yes...but.


BOL AD read



The NFL draft on ESPN, and Mike Tannenbaum's experience during draft season.


The risk and pitfalls of free agents.


Mike's thoughts on the Dak deal.


Is Mike concerned about Dak's ankle?


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