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Cowboys Beat

Apr 23, 2021

 On this episode of the Cowboys Beat powered by BetOnline.AG, Ari Temkin on why the Cowboys need to stay at 10 and not trade down and the best four offensive options for the team with their first round pick. Ari then welcomes draft expert Voch Lombardi to discuss who he would want at ten, the fact that good players are still available later on in the draft, embracing hybrid players and the importance of a run defense.

Cowboys Beat Podcast with Ari Temkin

Guest: Voch Lombardi

Cowboys Beat is powered by BetOnline.AG

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The progression of this draft season.


Ari Temkin: "Take the best available player at 10."


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Out of Voch Lombardi's top ten in the draft, how many are offensive players?


Who does Voch want at ten, and who does he not want at 10?


If the Cowboys pick an offensive player first, who would be a good defensive pick deeper in the draft?


Do the Cowboys value the run defense now?


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