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Cowboys Beat

Apr 8, 2021

The definitive answer on who the Cowboys should take at 10. We've been discussing and debating the merits of taking an offensive player at 10, on this episode of the Cowboys Beat powered by BetOnline.AG, Ari gives his two rules, no matter what, that you need to follow when drafting a player. Ari then welcomes his co-host on the Cowboys pre and postgame shows, from 105.3 The Fan and G Bag nation, Bryan Broaddus. Bryan gives his thoughts on Kyle Pitts, his preference at ten, and some players deep in the draft that have his attention.

Cowboys Beat Podcast with Ari Temkin

Guest: Bryan Broaddus

Cowboys Beat is powered by BetOnline.AG

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Always take the best available player on your draft board.


Football is about three things. The quarterback, protecting the quarterback, and rushing the quarterback.


Ari Temkin: "My guess is, Kyle going to be the best available player on your board at 10 if he is there."


You cannot have too many mouths to feed on offense.


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Approach in free agency. Is Bryan surprised that the approach has not changed much, and can the Cowboys improve enough in the draft in order to make up for their deficiencies?


Ari Temkin: "It's not like they have to have an elite defense...they just can't be the worst scoring defense in the history of the organization."


What are Bryan's thoughts if Kyle Pitts is available at ten?


Top 15 players are all offensive players.


Bryan's preference at 10.


Who are some guys deep in the draft that Bryan likes?


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