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Cowboys Beat

Oct 30, 2020

Cowboys Beat with Ari Temkin and Patrick Conn

Episode 106: A Little Bit of Cowboys Levity

Guest: Dani Sureck


Ari Temkin(@arisports) and Patrick Conn (@patsportsguy) welcome special guest Dani Sureck from and talk about the real reasoning the Cowboys are playing so poorly. So now: what do we want to see out of the remainder of the 2020 season? A chance for the young players to show what they can do, and maybe even a glimmer of hope?

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Ari Temkin (@arisports) and Patrick Conn (@patsportsguy) 


Ari Temkin: "This season has gone down the drain not because of their defense, and you can certainly argue that, but I argue more so because of the injuries on offense."


Where is Patrick Conn right now in terms of the Cowboys? HE went into this season thinking it was a ten win team, and realized during the first game they did not look like a ten win team.


The younger players on the Dallas Cowboys need to be given a chance to play, and to see if they can play at an NFL level. It is shocking that the Dallas Cowboys have not tried Connor Williams at tackle yet.


Ari Temkin has former NFL player Brandon Weeden on his Big 12 radio show every Wednesday and he shared his thoughts on playing on the Cowboys, and his thoughts on the Cowboys now.


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Ari welcomes Dani Sureck from and asks her where she is on big picture items with this Dallas Cowboys tem right now.


The Cowboys personnel is constantly changing in multiple positions but the players need to overcome that, and that goes hand in hand with the coaching staff and having to adjust to succeed with what they have.


The Cowboys continued approach on free agents, and how not having an offseason could have effected their playing.


What does Dani Sureck want to see from this Cowboys team for the rest of the season?


Dani Sureck: "I think it's easy to just be like oh this season is down the drain but I think that there are still some pieces of optimism."



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