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Cowboys Beat

Jul 31, 2020

093: What We Don't Know about the 2020 Cowboys | Cowboys Beat with Ari Temkin and Patrick Conn

Guest: Kevin "KT" Turner from Ben and Skin and The Athletic

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Ari Temkin (@arisports) and Patrick Conn (@patsportsguy) discuss the NFL's Top 100 list and where the NFL players missed (Zack Martin) in voting and where they got it right (Zeke Elliott), plus biggest surprise player on the Cowboys' roster in 2020 and we rank the corners 1-5. Kevin "KT" Turner joins the show to talk about Mike McCarthy impressions and his guess on win totals for the 2020 Dallas Cowboys. Giddyup.

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1:00 - 2:55

Peak list season, so we tackle the NFL’s top 100 list and biggest Dallas Cowboys surprises. 


3:01 - 3:16

The biggest issue with the Cowboys and the NFL’s top 100. There are 54 players better than Zack Martin?


3:20 - 4:40

What about Dak checking in on the NFL top 100 at 46? 


4:50 - 7:13

Is the media afraid to criticize Dak Prescott? What are the legitimate criticisms of Dak?


8:01 - 11:35

Question from twitter @thecowboysbeat: Who is the guy who will have the biggest positive surprise season for the Cowboys?


11:40 - 13:15

Question from twitter: @thecowboysbeat: Rank the Cowboys top 5 corners going into the 2020 season.


13:17 - 14:37

Why does Patrick have so much confidence in a rookie like Trevon Diggs being successful in year 1?


14:40 - 15:50

What’s very intriguing about the Cowboys secondary.



Kevin “KT” Turner from the Ben and Skin Show and The Athletic joins Cowboys Beat.


19:05 - 20:17

The issue with the NFL Top 100 list and a great story about the way a Cowboys player handled filling out the list.


21:44 - 23:30

KT’s first impression of the Cowboys hiring Mike McCarthy.


23:55 - 25:35

How much different will the offense be for the Cowboys in 2020?


25:37 - 26:08

The one piece that KT felt like the Cowboys should have gone out to get on offense.


26:16 - 27:36

The Cowboys will definitely be pass heavy, unless Mike McCarthy has really changed everything as the NFL Network article documented.


KT: “If he gets some sustained success he will become arrogant. That’s just what he [McCarthy] is.”



How many games does KT have the Cowboys winning in 2020?


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