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Cowboys Beat

Jul 10, 2020

090: Zeke is NOT a top 10 RB?

With former Dallas Cowboy, Jesse Holley

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Ari Temkin (@arisports) and Patrick Conn (@patsportsguy) on the Mahomes deal and if it impacts Dak's potential contract, plus what does the prospect of Dak's long term future look like in Dallas without one by the deadline. Also, one anonymous NFL offensive coach has Zeke outside of his top 10 RBs in the league? It really is silly season. Ari's former co-host Jesse Holley (@mr4thandlong) joins the podcast to discuss his optimism surrounding the 2020 Cowboys and the battle going on now between owners and players when it comes to COVID and the 2020 season.

00:35 Can I send you a Cowboys Beat koozie? Email me: to get your hands on one.

3:30 Are we jealous of the people who get to cover the Kansas City Chiefs?

6:02 Will the Dallas Cowboys front office cry poor if the cap goes down or even stays the same into 2021?

8:50 One NFL offensive coach has Zeke as the league's 11th best back?

19:01 Who is the most important Cowboys player in 2020...other than Dak Prescott.

25:50 Jesse Holley joins the Cowboys Beat.

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