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Cowboys Beat

Sep 14, 2018

019: Jeff Heath + Joe Looney | Too Drastic for Just One Game?

Cowboys SS Jeff Heath & Cowboys C Joe Looney


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2:35 Was the reaction to the Cowboys opening game loss an overreaction?

5:05 What went wrong for the Cowboys in Carolina?

9:47 What does creativity mean when it comes to what we're looking for out of the Cowboys offense?

15:23 Cowboys SS Jeff Health joins The Cowboys Beat.

16:28 Heath on differences between SS and FS in Cowboys offense.

19:20 Does Heath get recognized in Dallas?

20:31 Update on Travis Frederick

23:35 Cowboys C Joe Looney joins The Cowboys Beat.

24:11 Looney on the communication in the trenches?

26:20 Looney on the funniest movie of all time.

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