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Cowboys Beat

Aug 31, 2018

017: Shan Shariff | Can the Dallas Cowboys Manage the Chaos?

Shan Shariff from 105.3 The Fan| Twitter: @1053SS


2:50 Is a 10-6 season prediction changing?

8:06 Chaos is the only constant in football.

9:01 A lot of perceptions about this team have changed in the last few months.

13:54 Shan Shariff from Shan & RJ on 105.3 The Fan.

17:05 Shan's official Cowboys season prediction.

19:07 Shan Shariff on if Jason Garrett be the head coach of the Cowboys in 2019?

 22:28 Shan Shariff on the biggest, most important question mark for the 2018 Cowboys.

23:48 Is this Dallas Cowboys defense legitimate? 

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