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Cowboys Beat

Dec 11, 2020

Cowboys Beat with Ari Temkin and Patrick Conn

Episode 112: Play The Young Guys


Ari Temkin (@arisports) and Patrick Conn (@patsportsguy) talk about the major draft implications riding on Sunday's Cowboys game, plus is there an effort issue with Dallas or is it a lack of talent? So, what's left to find out about the 2020 Cowboys?


Major draft implications ride on Sunday's Cowboys game, let's lose.

Ari Temkin: "I don't know that there is any way the Cowboys can lose this game."


Patrick Conn: "I can put up with a bad team if there is effort, but when you're bad and there is no effort, to me it just seems like you're just out there to collect your paycheck and go home."


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Ari Temkin: "I just don't know why anybody thought, and put faith in this secondary."


Patrick Conn puts a lot of blame on the Dallas Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones for this Cowboy's season due to the fact that his attention has heightened. Jerry Jones has just been taken out of the spotlight for the first time since 2006.  


Ari: "Do you think Jerry Jones was behind the Dez Bryant positive COVID test?"


Patrick Conn: "It's time to let the young guys play."


The offensive line has played considerably better the last few weeks, which is sad that it took The Cowboys losing all of their best players to decide to play as a unit.


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Patrick Conn does not believe Andy Dalton will be back next year, Ari Temkin does. 


Ari Temkin: "My hope is, that this season doesn't die in vein."

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